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Recycling Services
Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.


Best electronics recycling near your area. Recycle computers, phones, monitors, laptops, TVs. in Our Minnesota, Wisconsin and Chicago Faculty of e-waste recycling centers allow you to find a local solution for electronics recycling, Trust us for hard drive shredding near you. To find Recycling Near Me, checkout below to find an e-waste drop-off location in USA or request an e-waste recycling pick.

Our drop-off facilities

Welcome to Recycle Technologies, your go-to destination for sustainable e recycling center. When we began Recycle Technologies, we initiated a vision for an exemplary electronic recycling center in the US. We understand that recycling is a symphony of sustainability, where materials harmonize to create a future in perfect cadence with our planet. We realized that a competent electronic recycle center is the only way to go about it.

Over the years, our resolve is still fueling our passion to make recycling easy, accessible, and rewarding for everyone looking for electronic waste recycling in USA. We pride ourselves in having an extensive network of drop-off locations across Minnesota and Wisconsin, with some extended services for the people of Chicago.

Electronic Recycling Center Near Me

Looking for electronic recyclingat the states of USA in Minnesota and Wisconsin? Fortunately, for those seeking "e-recycling near me," or "electronic waste drop-off USA," the solutions are readily available and conveniently located.

Recycle Technologies is here to help you with recycling center queries and services. The choice is yours: you can either choose to look for other service providers. Or you can recycle all your electronics at one of the nation's most reputable electronic recycling center.

Recycle Technologies offers a local solution for recycling gadgets (phones, smartwatches, laptops, TVs, monitors, etc.). We ensure that your devices are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner, minimizing the impact on our planet.

Light Bulb Recycling Center Near Me

Do not toss those old bulbs! Recycle Technologies offers eco-friendly disposals for all types of light bulbs in what you can get a result for a quick “light bulb recycling near me.” Incandescent, fluorescent light bulb recycling, light-emitting diode (LED), and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs are all welcome in our recycling program.

Wondering where to recycle fluorescent tubes near me? Recycle Technologies does that too! We promise to recycle fluorescent tubes with the utmost care.

Whether you are switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs or just need to recycle fluorescent tubes responsibly, Recycle Technologies has solutions for all. In addition to fluorescent bulb disposal and resource conservation, recycling with us will keep trash out of landfills altogether. Recycle Technologies is where to recycle light bulbs and fluorescent tubes to achieve our goal of a more sustainable future.

TV Recycling Center Near Me

It is common for people to ask recyclers where to get rid of old TVs. Since traditional CRT TVs contain harmful materials, it is always wise to give them a second life instead of improper TV disposal!

By making use of our “TV recycling near me” services, you can be assured that any unwanted or obsolete disposal of TV is done in an eco-conscious manner, protecting landfills and wildlife from potentially dangerous components. It is why old TV disposal is highly unpopular among ecologists.

Our services are not just limited to recycling CRT TVs, our recycling centers are also equipped to handle modern TVs and monitor screens. Wondering how to dispose of broken TV’s? Worry not – a quick internet search for “recycle TV near me” or “recycling TV near me” can lead you to Recycle Technologies’ competent gadget disposal services.

Battery Recycling Center Near Me

To assist you with the responsible disposal of your old batteries, Recycle Technologies is happy to offer comprehensive "battery recycling near me” services.
If you are wondering about the best battery disposal near you, look no further than Recycle Technologies. Recycling batteries is hard, and few recyclers have the necessary technology to handle the e-waste.

Every type of battery is welcome here, from alkaline to lithium-ion to nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) to nickel-cadmium (NiCd) to lead-acid. Our recycling center gets a ton of used batteries, especially lithium battery recycling requests, in addition to a wide variety of products. These include rechargeable equipment, automotive applications, and household devices.
Lithium battery disposal requires specialized handling to recover valuable materials while mitigating the risk of fire or environmental contamination.

You might think a good lithium battery recycling center near me should only focus on the risks originating from recycling batteries, but in fact, a good recycler must always be prepared for any kind of e-waste emergency.

Lithium-ion battery recycling is risky, but it is what the professionals of Recycle Technologies get trained extensively in – so you have peace of mind. Recycled lithium-ion batteries are crucial because recovered lithium, cobalt, and other key metals from recycled batteries can be used to produce new, high-quality lithium-ion battery cells.

Now you do not have to ask where to recycle batteries. For everyone’s convenience, Recycle Technologies has several easy drop-off locations, showing our dedication to environmental sustainability. All you must do is to ask for the best battery disposal near me, get to one of our facilities, and give away all your care. We pop up even if you search for small battery disposal near me (targeting household battery waste) as well as corporate e-waste.

Ballast Recycling Center Near Me

Disposing of fluorescent lamp ballasts responsibly is crucial to environmental protection. Recycle Technologies, with convenient drop-off locations near you, offer a solution for these hazardous materials.

Searching for fluorescent ballast recycling near me on the Internet is only half the work done: you need to identify if you have old, traditional ballasts or modern ones. The old ones are trickier to handle because they contain PCBs, which pose a risk to soil and water if improperly discarded.

Our fluorescent ballast recycling process not only recovers valuable materials for reuse, but it also ensures safe management of any hazardous components. Fo household ballast drop-offs, you need to find and settle on a certified PCB ballast recycling center such as Recycle Technologies, and the rest is our responsibility to handle the e-waste.

PCB & NON-PCB ballast recycling services ensure that the potentially harmful materials are handled and processed in a manner that complies with all applicable environmental regulations and safeguards.

Paper Shredding Center Near Me

Feeling overwhelmed by overflowing paper clutter? A swift paper shredding near me online search can produce a list of recyclers offering “shredding services near me”. The trick is to choose the best out of all.

Document shredding services are a secure and efficient solution for disposing of sensitive documents and confidential information. With proficient shredding equipment and strict security protocols, a simple online search for document destruction services near me will lead you straight to Recycle Technologies. We ensure that your documents are securely shredded and recycled, minimizing the risk of data breaches and identity theft.

Our paper shredding services include upholding the ethics and privacy of our clients to the utmost degree. We irreversibly destroy any traces of information, making paper shreds unreadable and useless, using innovative shredding machinery. People trust us for our paper shredding services because we offer timely and efficient paper destruction near me.

We ensure the utmost security and confidentiality by adhering to industry norms and laws. Whether you are an individual worried about privacy or a business trying to protect sensitive data, you can rely on Recycle Technologies’ document shredding services to handle your hard drive disposal needs discreetly and professionally.

Hard Drive Destruction Center Near Me

At Recycle Technologies, we recognize the value of securely erasing data when discarding outdated hard drives. Our certified hard drive destruction service provides peace of mind by guaranteeing that confidential information is kept secret and shielded from unwanted access.

We do not praise our services in vain: If you are in Minnesota and Wisconsin, a quick “hard drive destruction service near me” browser search should automatically lead you to our professionals. Even that is not enough sometimes: you might wonder that all these recyclers are providing hard drive destruction near me, but which one is the best?

Even though we do not solely identify as a hard drive destruction company, we do get a fair share of such requests. Our process involves multiple steps to ensure privacy and efficacy. All you do is begin with a “hard drive destruction near me” internet search, and it will lead you directly to Recycle Technologies’ website. Get a quote, and the rest is in our skillful hands.

Typically, a hard drive destruction process begins with the secure collection of the hard drives or other storage media from your location. Trained technicians then undergo a meticulous and secure hard drive destruction process that makes the data unrecoverable. This can involve physical shredding or other specialized techniques, depending on the media type and the level of security required.

If you are also looking for corporate paper shredding nearby, Recycle Technologies provides these as well.

frequently asked questions

Why Should I Recycle?

Recycling is essential not only for conserving resources and reducing pollution but also for promoting economic sustainability.

What Items are Electronics?

Electronics include a wide range of items but are generally considered devices that use electricity and electronic circuits to function.

Why Shouldn’t I Throw E-waste in a Landfill?

Tossing e-waste in landfills poisons you, everyone around you, pollutes the planet and other life forms, as well as wasting precious resources.

How Will Recycling My Obsolete Computer and/or Electronic Equipment Make a Difference?

Recycling your old computer and electronic equipment prevents harmful substances from leaching into soil and underground water, which makes a huge difference for time, energy and resource conservation.

What are the Outcomes if We Dispose of Electronics Improperly?

Improper e-waste disposal releases toxic pollutants, contaminating the air, soil, dust, and water at recycling sites and in neighboring communities.

Can I Donate My Electronic Assets?

Yes, you can donate your electronic assets. Donating old electronics can help reduce e-waste by extracting precious metals and plastic for other uses. It can also help those who can't afford a new device.

Is My Electronic Equipment Worth Something?

Yes, your electronics can be worth quite a handful. The value depends on age, condition, model, and demand. You should research and compare online for a specific estimate.

Why Does it Cost Money to Recycle Electronics?

Recycling can be expensive because of the labor and equipment costs, hazardous waste handling, recycling and reprocessing services, and certification fees.

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Recycle Technologies has been providing services to the community since 1993. We are a Midwest-based recycling and shredding company.
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