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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

Recycle Technologies Busts Top 5 Battery Recycling Myths In Appleton 

May 31, 2024
As the world shifts its dependency from fossil fuels to more eco-friendly energy sources, batteries have emerged as an indispensable part of our routine lives. They have taken over the conventional sources of powering electrical appliances at both the workplace and in homes.  Despite their wide prevalence, the question of how to dispose of old […]

As the world shifts its dependency from fossil fuels to more eco-friendly energy sources, batteries have emerged as an indispensable part of our routine lives. They have taken over the conventional sources of powering electrical appliances at both the workplace and in homes. 

Despite their wide prevalence, the question of how to dispose of old batteries responsibly in Appleton remains an area of confusion. A major reason for this confusion is the myriad of untruths surrounding battery recycling in Appleton.

The recycling experts at Recycle Technologies have identified the most prevalent myths about battery recycling to cut through the confusion and state the truths about them. 

Recycle Technologies’ Vision In Appleton

With years of experience in the e-waste recycling industry, Recycle Technologies aims to become an essential resource for all types of e-waste recycling services in Appleton. Our network extends across the USA offering reliable electronic waste recycling solutions, including:

  • Battery recycling
  • TV recycling
  • Ballast recycling
  • Light bulb recycling
  • Shredding and hard drive destruction 
  • ITAD services


We also take pride in delivering a variety of options for our commercial and residential clients based in Appleton, USA. These consist of a selection between pick-up services for businesses and drop-off and mail-in programs for both commercial and residential clients. 

Quest For a Clean Planet: Recycle Technologies Explores The Truth Behind Battery Recycling Misconceptions in Appleton

Myth # 1: You Can Discard Batteries in Household Trash 

Always remember to never throw your old batteries in the trash. You may not be aware of the damage you are causing by doing so. Even more important than that is the fact that it might be illegal to throw certain varieties of batteries in your household trash in Appleton

With regards to battery recycling in Appleton, batteries that are specific for one-time usage can be disposed of safely through methods other than recycling. These batteries include AA, AAA, C, and D types. However, rechargeable batteries must only be disposed of through responsible recycling of batteries in Appleton. 

It is essential to recycle such variants of batteries as they contain poisonous compounds like heavy metals that can endanger ecosystems and expose human health to risk as well. 

In addition to this, electric vehicle batteries should also be promptly recycled to avoid environmental degradation and to stay in compliance with battery recycling regulations in Appleton. 

Myth  # 2: Responsible Battery Recycling in Appleton Has no Real Benefits

Many people in Appleton see battery recycling as a very difficult task to achieve. The truth is quite the opposite. In reality, battery recycling in Appleton is simple and straightforward. 

Recycle Technologies provides convenient and affordable battery recycling services to both residential and commercial customers across Appleton. Residential customers can avail of our mail-in program for battery recycling and ship us their discarded batteries using our battery recycling kits. 

For commercial users with a large number of batteries, we offer even more convenience. You can utilize our pick-up service and our team will schedule a pick-up from your place of convenience to help you get rid of your old batteries. 

Myth  # 3: Battery Recycling in Appleton is Expensive 

This is by far the most common myth about the battery recycling process in Appleton. However, there is no truth in this claim. Old batteries may not contain any charge, but they still house a considerable amount of rare Earth elements like nickel and cobalt. 

By responsibly recycling your batteries you help promote the use of these elements in a closed loop by recovery of these materials. The recovered materials not only mitigate environment-intensive mining practices but also help to bring down the manufacturing costs of new electrical products. 

In this way, battery recycling is indeed a cost-conserving process. 

Myth  # 4: Battery Recycling Processes Are Inefficient 

Regarding the battery recycling procedures, many individuals believe that they are ineffective at recovering materials from discarded batteries. 

This claim is entirely wrong. 

As electrical appliances, in particular batteries, take center stage in our lives, battery recycling procedures have evolved to be more productive at handling such waste. Modern processes backed by advanced technology ensure high levels of efficiency at each phase of the process. 

Some recycling processes in Appleton claim to recover up to 96% of the valuable materials from old batteries. Recycling facilities, like Recycle Technologies, are still striving to develop more powerful and cost-effective battery recycling processes to promote this practice among the residents of Appleton and contribute towards a healthier economy and environment. 

Myth  # 5: Damaged Batteries Cannot be Recycled 

It is a commonly held belief that batteries that are corroded, leaking, or bloated are not fit for recycling. However, that is far from the truth. 

In reality, if you have damaged batteries lying around, they should be recycled with even more urgency than undamaged old batteries. 

When considering recycling damaged old batteries, be mindful of a few special considerations, but don’t put off the idea of recycling altogether.  The most ideal way to recycle such batteries will depend on the variety of batteries and the extent of damage done. Professional battery recycling services in Appleton can give you expert advice on the topic and help you find sustainable solutions for your battery recycling needs. 

Recycle Technologies Offers Flexible Recycling Solutions in Appleton 

We do not believe in one size fits all, and strive to develop convenient e-waste recycling options to all our clients, whether commercial or residential. When you recycle with us, you have access to the following three choices for your e-waste recycling:


1- Business Pick-up Service

If you are a business owner in Green Bay and want to recycle your electronic waste with Recycle Technologies we can schedule a pick-up service as per your convenience. We have a fleet of recycling trucks specially designed to transport large volumes of different types of e-waste safely. Contact us today for your business’ e-waste disposal needs and experience the ease of Recycle Technologies’ seamless pick-up services for electronic waste disposal in Green Bay.  


2- Residential Drop-off

For our residential customers, we have designated drop-off points in Green Bay where they can drop-off the e-waste they wish to recycle. You can contact Recycle Technologies to find out more about your nearest drop-off location in Green Bay. 


3- Mail-in Recycling Program 

For consumers who cannot access our drop-off locations, Recycle Technologies offers the easiest and simplest mail-in program. With our mail-in program, you can experience the ease of ordering our electronic recycling kits online, receiving them at your doorstep, and shipping them back to us via your nearest FedEx. 

Take Home Message

Tackling misconceptions around the subject of battery recycling in Appleton is crucial to address the false claims that have become widespread and replace them with facts. This helps to clear out confusion among individuals and businesses and encourages them to embrace responsible battery recycling practices in Appleton. 

When it comes to recycling your old batteries, it is always a wise decision to choose a reputable recycling service in Appleton so that you can have peace of mind about compliant recycling procedures and environmental sustainability at the same time. 

By partnering with Recycle Technologies for your battery recycling needs you can achieve a seamless process starting from your initial contact with our team, to transportation and the recycling procedure itself. 

Contact us now for the most comprehensive battery recycling services in Appleton.

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