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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

Recycle Responsibly: Your Guide to Recycle Technologies’s Facilities for Wisconsin Residents

May 31, 2024
Wisconsin lies in the heart of the Midwest and is known for its natural beauty, lively communities, and advocacy for sustainability. For a long time, Wisconsin residents have time and again shown their commitment to upholding environmental responsibility encompassing proper electronic waste management practices.   When it comes to electronic waste centers in Wisconsin for businesses […]

Wisconsin lies in the heart of the Midwest and is known for its natural beauty, lively communities, and advocacy for sustainability. For a long time, Wisconsin residents have time and again shown their commitment to upholding environmental responsibility encompassing proper electronic waste management practices.  

When it comes to electronic waste centers in Wisconsin for businesses and homes, the choice of a credible recycling center plays a vital role not only in conserving the environment but also in minimizing e-waste.  

A guide to electronic waste recycling services in Wisconsin aims to highlight the recycling services available to Wisconsin residents, providing easy and practical tips and resources for responsibly disposing of various types of old electronic devices. Recycle Technologies is proud to be one of the best in the business in Wisconsin and beyond. 

Understanding the Importance of Credible Recycling in Wisconsin

As Wisconsin residents, you must realize the importance of proper e-waste management in protecting the state's pristine environment. Mostold electronic equipment, including laptops, batteries and fluorescent tubes, are a source of toxic substances such as mercury and lead, exposing humans and the environment to serious risks if not handled carefully after disposal. 

Recycling discarded electronics at designated electronic waste recycling facilities make sure that these hazardous substances are safely recovered and keep them from polluting landfills or waterways.

Recycle Technologies is a certified e-waste recycling facility in Wisconsin, that provides a comprehensive range of electronic recycling services to residential and commercial consumers alike. With our cutting-edge technology and expert staff we have the capacity to recycle a wide variety of electronics, making us one of the biggest e-waste recycling centers in Wisconsin. 

Recycle Technologies’ Recycling Services in Wisconsin: A Closer Look

Recycle Technologies offers specialized e-waste recycling in Wisconsin. Read on to find out some of the most crucial electronic recycling services available in Wisconsin.  

Municipal Recycling Programs: 

Many municipalities in Wisconsin provide drop-off locations or periodic collection events, like Best Buy recycling, for recycling bulbs and other hazardous materials. Residents can check with their local government or waste management authorities for information on recycling options available in their area. 

Recycle Technologies also offers a drop-off facility for e-waste recycling in Wisconsin. This provides an easy and practical solution for residents in Wisconsin state to gather their discarded electronics and drop them off at our designated points. 

Specialized Recycling Facilities: 

Numerous recycling facilities in Wisconsin deal with the recycling of electronic waste. These recycling centers use modern technologies to securely recover valuable materials from discarded electronics while guaranteeing careful disposal of toxic components.

At Recycle Technologies, we take pride in investing in advanced recycling technologies and implementing the best industry methods to provide the best e-waste recycling services in Wisconsin

Mail-In Recycling Services: 

For residents in far-off areas or those unable to access local recycling options, mail-in recycling services in Wisconsin offer a fitting solution. These services usually offer prepaid shipping labels for mailing electronics to designated recycling facilities. 

Recycle Technologies has developed a comprehensive mail-in program for bulb recycling in Wisconsin. With this service, residents in Wisconsin and all across the USA can order our online recycling kits and ship them to our electronic waste recycling facility in Wisconsin for a fully compliant recycling service. 

How to Properly Recycle Your Electronics With Recycle Technologies In Wisconsin 

At Recycle Technologies, we ensure that the fast paced digital transformation does not take its toll on the environment. Therefore, our cutting edge e-waste recycling center in Wisconsin offers a comprehensive range of electronic recycling services to cater to the needs of large scale enterprises and home owners alike. 


The expert team at Recycle Technologies has eons of experience in responsible e-waste recycling and has developed processes that are in compliance with the environmental regulatory standards. 

Recycle Technologies’ e-waste recycling center in Wisconsin is well equipped to efficiently handle the recycling of a wide variety of electronic devices including:

  • Batteries
  • TV’s
  • Light Bulbs
  • Ballasts and more 

Now that you’re aware of the available electronic recycling services that Recycle Technologies offers in Wisconsin, let's dive into practical tips for responsibly recycling various types of old electronics commonly used in households and businesses:


If you have an old electronic device which you no longer use, but is still in working condition, then you can consider repurposing it. For example, an old mobile phone can be used as a security camera inside your house if placed strategically. 

Search For Local Recycling Options

Look for locally available recycling options in Wisconsin, like Recycle Technologies’ e-waste recycling facility. We offer electronic waste collection and pick-up for commercial customers and have a mail-in program for our residential clients. 

Select a Reliable Recycling Partner 

Search for credible names in the electronic waste recycling industry. Recycle technologies offers not only a full range of e-waste recycling facilities, but is also happy to guide you about the processes we follow and the regulations we adhere to at our recycling facility in Wisconsin

How Recycle Technologies Is Promoting Responsible E-Waste Recycling Practices in Wisconsin

As  Wisconsin residents, it is our united responsibility to embrace responsible electronic waste disposal practices. By selecting reputable e-waste recycling services, like Recycle Technologies, and following proper disposal guidelines, we can contribute to a cleaner, healthier Wisconsin for future generations. 

Remember to propagate awareness about electronic waste recycling options among friends, family, and neighbors to encourage the widespread adoption of sustainable disposal practices across the state.


In conclusion, Wisconsin residents have access to various electronic recycling services and resources to help them dispose of responsibly. Whether you're replacing outdated models with energy-efficient newer ones or disposing of nonfunctioning electric home appliances, there are options available to ensure that your electrical products are recycled safely and responsibly. 

By taking advantage of these services and following the provided tips, we can all play a part in preserving Wisconsin's natural beauty and promoting sustainability in our communities.

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