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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

How to Recycle Responsibly in Benton County

June 3, 2024
When it comes to saving the environment, conserving resources, and cutting down waste, recycling responsibly is essential. To make the recycling process more accessible and efficient for people living in Benton County, the county provides many different recycling choices.   Recycle Technologies is dedicated to helping communities recycle responsibly by offering comprehensive and innovative recycling solutions. […]
Benton County

When it comes to saving the environment, conserving resources, and cutting down waste, recycling responsibly is essential. To make the recycling process more accessible and efficient for people living in Benton County, the county provides many different recycling choices.  

Recycle Technologies is dedicated to helping communities recycle responsibly by offering comprehensive and innovative recycling solutions. Specializing in the safe disposal of electronic waste, batteries, and light bulbs, they ensure that hazardous materials are processed correctly, reducing environmental pollution, and conserving valuable resources. Through community engagement, educational outreach, and partnerships with local businesses, Recycle Technologies promotes sustainable practices and supports the efforts of individuals and organizations to minimize their environmental footprint, contributing to a cleaner, greener future. 

This blog provides a thorough reference to recycling in Benton County, including information on what may be recycled, where it can be recycled, and how Recycle Technologies can assist in making recycling more secure. 


Why We Cannot Ignore Recycling  

Anyone can claim that recycling does not work, but given the current situation, we do not have any better alternative. Recycling has proved repeatedly that it is crucial for reducing landfill waste, conserving resources, and minimizing environmental pollution.  

In Benton County, recycling practices help mitigate the environmental impact of waste and promote sustainability. By recycling, you contribute to a cleaner, greener community and support both local and global environmental goals. 

 What Can Be Recycled in Benton County? 

 Following is a list of all the items that many recycling centers operating in Benton County accept and repurpose. These are: 

Household Items 

Benton County recycling facilities accept various household items for recycling, including: 

  • Paper Products: Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and office paper. 
  • Plastics: Bottles, containers, and jugs labeled with recycling symbols (1 to 7) 
  • Glass: Bottles and jars, regardless of color. 
  • Metals: Aluminum cans, tin cans, and scrap metal. 


Electronic Waste 

Electronic waste (e-waste) is a growing concern due to the hazardous materials in many electronic devices. Recycle Technologies considers itself to be a pioneer in Benton County, providing recycling options for e-waste such as: 

  • Computers and laptops 
  • Monitors and televisions 
  • Mobile phones and tablets 
  • Printers and scanners 
  • Keyboards, mice, and cables 
  • Batteries 
  • Light bulbs, including fluorescent and LED bulbs 


Organic Waste 

Organic waste, such as food scraps and yard waste, can be composted instead of being sent to the landfill. Benton County encourages residents to compost at home or use local composting facilities. 


Where to Recycle in Benton County? 

Benton County has multiple drop-off centers where residents can bring their recyclables. These centers accept various materials, making it easy for residents to dispose of their waste responsibly. Recycle Technologies has many drop-off centers in Minnesota and Wisconsin states, with plans of expanding to other states soon.  

 What makes Recycle Technologies unique is that they have managed to establish themselves as a key player in promoting responsible recycling in Benton County. With a focus on e-waste and hazardous materials, Recycle Technologies offers numerous services to help residents and businesses manage their waste responsibly. 

Services Recycle Technologies Offers 

E-Waste Recycling 

Recycle Technologies specializes in recycling electronic waste. By dismantling and processing electronic devices, they recover valuable materials and ensure that hazardous components are disposed of safely. This service helps reduce the environmental impact of e-waste and supports the circular economy. 

Battery Recycling 

Batteries contain toxic materials that can harm the environment if not disposed of properly. Recycle Technologies offers comprehensive battery recycling services, ensuring these materials are handled safely and responsibly. 

Bulb Recycling 

Light bulbs, particularly those containing mercury, require special handling. Recycle Technologies provides bulb recycling services, ensuring these items are processed safely and hazardous materials are kept out of the environment. 

Ballast Recycling 

Ballasts control the current in fluorescent lights, frequently containing dangerous materials like PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). Recycling services from Recycle Technologies help manage ballasts properly, avoiding environmental damage and guaranteeing regulatory compliance. 

TV Recycling 

TV recycling is now necessary because of the regular improvements brought on by technological breakthroughs. Recycle Technologies guarantees that dangerous parts are disposed of in an environmentally safe way, outdated televisions are disassembled, and valuable materials are recovered. By supporting the recycling of important resources, this service lessens the quantity of electronic garbage that winds up in landfills. 


Community Education and Outreach 

Recycle Technologies is committed to educating the community about the importance of recycling and proper waste disposal. They have plans to work with local governments, schools, and community organizations to provide educational resources and promote sustainable practices.  

Local Government Initiatives 

Benton County's local government actively promotes recycling and waste reduction through various initiatives and programs, aiming to increase recycling rates and encourage responsible waste management. Recycle Technologies aims to work closely with local and state-level initiatives to help put an end to the increasing menace of e-waste. They plan to help the officials with community outreach programs, education conferences, partnerships, and incentive programs, etc. to promote recycling.  


 The Dangers of Ignoring Recycling 

Ignoring recycling can have profound consequences for the environment and the community. Some potential dangers include: 

Environmental Pollution 

Improper disposal of waste, especially hazardous materials, can lead to soil, water, and air pollution. This pollution can harm wildlife, damage ecosystems, and pose health risks to humans. 

Depletion of Natural Resources 

Failing to recycle means more raw materials must be extracted to produce new products. This extraction process can deplete natural resources and cause environmental damage. 

Increased Landfill Waste 

When recyclable materials are sent to landfills, they contribute to the growing problem of landfill waste. Landfills take up valuable land space and can release harmful gases and chemicals into the environment. 

Economic Costs 

Ignoring recycling can result in higher waste management costs for residents and local governments. Recycling helps reduce these costs by diverting waste from landfills and promoting the use of recycled materials. 



Recycling responsibly in Benton County is essential for protecting the environment, conserving resources, and supporting the local community. By understanding what can be recycled, knowing where to recycle, and preparing items properly, residents can make a significant impact. Recycle Technologies plays a vital role in this process, offering comprehensive recycling services and promoting sustainable practices. 


Local government initiatives further support these efforts, providing education, incentives, and partnerships to encourage recycling. However, the dangers of ignoring recycling are significant, highlighting the importance of continued commitment to responsible waste management. 


By working together, Benton County residents and Recycle Technologies can create a cleaner, greener future for all. Start recycling responsibly today and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow. 

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