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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

How Recycle Technologies Is Elevating E-Waste Management in Brooklyn Park

June 3, 2024
Brooklyn Park is a small suburban city in Minneapolis. It boasts a highly modernized technological background with the use of electronic gadgets on the rise.    Unfortunately, the growing of a variety of electronics has also given birth to the menace of growing e-waste in Brooklyn Park.    Living up to its reputation of advocating for sustainability, […]
BrookLyn Park

Brooklyn Park is a small suburban city in Minneapolis. It boasts a highly modernized technological background with the use of electronic gadgets on the rise.   

Unfortunately, the growing of a variety of electronics has also given birth to the menace of growing e-waste in Brooklyn Park.   

Living up to its reputation of advocating for sustainability, Recycle Technologies has intensified its electronic waste recycling efforts over here. Following is a detailed review of how they are achieving increased e-waste recycling in Brooklyn Park.   

State-Of-The-Art E-Waste Management Services in Brooklyn Park   

Recycle Technologies has years of experience in handling electronic waste with responsibility and in an environmentally friendly manner. We offer the following range of services to all our customers in Brooklyn Park, USA:   

Light Bulb Recycling  

Recycle Technologies is a pioneer of bulb recycling services in Brooklyn Park. We started our operations in 1993 and have ever since been on a journey to recycle bulbs sustainably.   

Our e-waste recycling facility in Brooklyn Park is equipped to recycle the following varieties of bulbs for both residential and commercial customers:   

Fluorescent Lamps  

  •  Tubes  
  •  Plastic Coated and Shielded Tubes  
  •  Compact Fluorescent (CFL’s)  
  •  Green Tipped Bulbs  
  •  Circular  
  •  U-Bend or U-Shaped  

Other Lamps  

  •  Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps  
  •  Neon, Argon, and other Cold Cathode  
  •  High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps  
  •  Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium  
  •  Flood Lamps  
  •  Incandescent  
  •  Halogen  


Electronic Recycling  

Electronic waste is piling up in Brooklyn Park due to an increased tendency for frequent upgrades in electronic devices. At Recycle Technologies we believe in supporting a circular economy and encouraging the use of products in a closed loop.   

Our electronic recycling services in Brooklyn are in sync with this belief and aim to reduce e-waste and preserve the environment of Brooklyn Park.   

Through our advanced electronic recycling procedures, we safely extract reusable rare Earth elements from discarded electronics, such as copper, gold, and silver.   

Following is a list of the types of electronics that are accepted at our e-waste recycling facility in Brooklyn Park:  

  •  Computers  
  •  Laptops  
  •  Servers  
  •  Monitors  
  •  Fax Machines  
  •  Printers  
  •  Scanners  
  •  Copiers  
  •  Microwaves  
  •  Televisions (no restrictions)  
  •  Cell Phones  
  •  Keyboards  
  •  Cables  
  •  Computer mouse  
  •  & more.  


Battery Recycling  

Businesses and residents of Brooklyn Park can now recycle their old batteries with Recycle Technologies with exceptional ease and confidence. Our battery recycling services ensure responsible disposal of discarded batteries and keep them out of landfills.   

We have specialized staff and modern machinery to recycle a wide variety of batteries. For our business customers, we also offer pick-up services to ensure safe transportation of old batteries in bulk.   

At our recycling facility in Brooklyn Park, we offer recycling for the following types of batteries:   

  •  • Battery backup  
  •  • Alkaline & Alkaline 2  
  •  • Button Cell  
  •  • EV Batteries  
  •  • Lead-Acid  
  •  • Mercury Oxide  
  •  • Lithium & Lithium-ion  
  •  • Nickel-Cadmium  
  •  • Power Tool Packs  
  •  • Zinc Batteries  
  •  • SLA (All Sizes)  
  •  • Ruben-Mallory  
  •  • Tesla Batteries  


TV Recycling  

Televisions contain cathode ray tubes (CRT) which pose a significant threat to the environment when old TVs are disposed of in landfills. These tubes contain mercury, which is a potent neurotoxin even when consumed in minute quantities. Mercury also proves lethal to wildlife and endangers ecosystems.   

Recycle Technologies has a certified and licensed facility for recycling old TVs in Brooklyn Park.   

Ballast Recycling  

Recycle Technologies specializes in handling all varieties of ballasts including the following:  

  • PCB  
  • Non-PCB  
  • Magnetic  
  • Electronic   

We provide a certificate of recycling that verifies the responsible disposal of old ballasts and proves compliance with e-waste regulations in Brooklyn Park.   

Benefits of Recycle Technologies E-Waste Services for Businesses in Brooklyn Park   

Environmental Conservation  

As the world experiences a significant mindset shift towards sustainability, it is more pressing for businesses to embrace sustainable disposal methods for their electronic waste.   

Recycling electronic waste is the most optimum method to cut down your carbon footprint and safeguard the environment. Since old electrical devices contain a myriad of toxic substances, dumping them in landfills causes severe environmental degradation. Recycling e-waste ensures the safe recovery of these substances and the safe disposal of hazardous materials.   

Compliance with E-waste Regulations  

The issue of e-waste has garnered a lot of attention in Brooklyn Park. This has resulted in stricter laws governing its safe disposal. As a business owner, it is important to hire a credible electronic waste management company, like Recycle Technologies, to make sure that you stay in compliance with the laws governing responsible electronic waste management in Brooklyn Park.   

Staying compliant saves your business a significant amount of money which can be otherwise lost in lawsuits and penalties.   


Disposing of electronic waste through conventional methods can be a budgetary constraint for businesses especially when considering fines and penalties for non-compliance with state laws.   

Partnering with a reliable e-waste recycling service provider reduces these costs and yields environmental benefits.   

Guaranteed Data Security   

Old electronic devices still contain sensitive personal information, which can be a data theft risk for businesses. Deleting data from old devices is not enough to wipe it off the hard drive. For this reason, it is essential to utilize the services of a licensed hard drive destruction services provider, like Recycle Technologies in Brooklyn Park.   

Specialized service providers use modern equipment that ensures the erasure of your business data and makes it irretrievable.   


To wrap things up, electronic waste is a growing concern for communities throughout America, including Brooklyn Park. When large volumes are dumped into landfills or incinerated, they cause serious environmental damage and pose health risks for humans.   

Adopting sustainable practices to dispose of e-waste is crucial to preserve the environment, safeguard human health, and ensure a reasonable supply of non-renewable resources for our future generations.   

When businesses partner with certified electronic waste recycling companies in Brooklyn Park, they gain benefits not only for their company but also for the community and the environment they operate.   


Recycle Electronic Waste in Brooklyn Park with Recycle Technologies    

Learn more about Recycle Technologies’ e-waste solutions for your business in Brooklyn Park by logging onto our website today.   


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