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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

E-waste Recycling: Why do monitor recycling ?How it helps?

September 8, 2023
All good things come to an end. Time flies. That is the case for our electronics. We keep adding new...

All good things come to an end. Time flies. That is the case for our electronics. We keep adding new electronics, but we recycle them less. We throw them in the trash as we assume that they will be taken care of. Our luck is so dead wrong. Almost all electronics such as computer monitors that land in the trash end up in landfills. Some states have outlawed electronics disposal in the trash. That is why, you need to recycle your computer monitor. It is not that hard. Your effort will mean a lot. Just make sure that the computer monitor you are recycling is dead.

If it works send it to charity. Or donate it. Whatever you do, don't keep it in your home. Old monitors have a bad habit of leaking hazards. The same is the case for older electronics. They were a great investment. Now they have become a liability. Why hoard trash?

Why go for Monitor Recycling?

Monitor recycling is critical for several reasons. It helps keep the environment safe and clean. Toxic elements such as mercury and lead are disposed of. If you throw monitors into the trash, expect the outcomes to be serious. Trash collectors don't recycle. We do. They just haul trash to the nearest landfill and dump it. The above toxins will start to contaminate the soil in time. And if any water sources are present expect your drinking water to become a hazard for you. Marine life will start dying, and eventually, you will have a catastrophe on your hands.  You might think we might be exaggerating a bit. But you're so wrong.

We tell the world to make a difference whereas we only recycle less than 15%.  We dump our spent electronics to underdeveloped countries as we are giving them aid. It will become crystal clear to you why we are not part of the Basel Convention. We need to do better. And we can start by doing proper computer monitor recycling. This might seem small but it is worth it.

The benefits of recycling computer monitors also include the conservation of energy and the reclamation of metals. The latter can help us create new electronics without mining for virgin resources. Manufacturers can use a circular economy to reuse resources. This will also help the state as more job opportunities will be created. Guess recycling does put food on the table.

What are your Options for Computer Monitor Recycling?

Research always helps. Searching for Monitor Recycling near me always generates favorable results. You might have a recycling solution just a few blocks away from you. But whatever you do, don’t throw them in the trash. Check your state laws.  Or your nosy neighbor will.   Good News is states like Wisconsin and Minnesota have outlawed throwing monitors in the trash. Bad news: the policy for electronics recycling is still stuck in 2006.

 You can always return the piece of junk to the manufacturer.  Take-back programs are great, but you know what is the sad part. They will still end in a landfill. Because We recycle.

Donations are great, but who would want a dead electronic? Even the homeless guy will give you ten bucks to keep it to yourself. From the looks of things. Your only option is either to get slapped with a fine or recycle your computer monitor.

Monitor Recycling

Preparing to Computer Monitor Recycling

Writing about recycling monitors does sound cool. But doing it is a little different. However, with our guide, you can accomplish anything you want. Recycling is one of them. If you are planning on bringing your old electronics to our recycling facility. You need to do the things below:

  • Wash your hands
  • Disconnect and unplug your monitor
  • Clean the monitor
  • Now place a cardboard box around and make sure it is safe to transport.
  • Take it to your car
  • Place it in your car
  • Start your car. And drive to our facility.

Please make sure to inform me that you are coming to the facility. This way we are ready to properly dispose of your old trash.  See monitor Recycling is not that hard. It's that simple.


 Recycle Technologies is a certified electronics recycler. We take LCDs and CRTs. Keep in mind that LCDs have mercury in them and CRTs have lead. They become a hazard if not disposed of.

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