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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

Burnsville's Sustainable Recycling Revolution with Recycle Technologies

June 3, 2024
In the heart of Burnsville, the Burnsville Recycling Center shines as a leader in environmental sustainability, offering innovative solutions for recycling TVs, batteries, electronics, and more. As communities worldwide struggle with electronic waste management, the importance of recycling is clear.    Recycle Technologies in Burnsville not only meet the urgent need for sustainable practices but […]

In the heart of Burnsville, the Burnsville Recycling Center shines as a leader in environmental sustainability, offering innovative solutions for recycling TVs, batteries, electronics, and more. As communities worldwide struggle with electronic waste management, the importance of recycling is clear. 


Recycle Technologies in Burnsville not only meet the urgent need for sustainable practices but also set an example for other cities. Their dedication to a greener future is evident through their wide range of services, including paper shredding, light bulb recycling, and hard drive destruction. These efforts provide a comprehensive solution to the community's recycling needs, making a real impact on the environment.

The Rise of Sustainable Recycling in Burnsville

In 2024, Burnsville adopted an updated Sustainability Plan to minimize its environmental impact, focusing on electronic waste. A key strategy is the 'Circuit Salvage' program, which tackles e-waste by increasing access to responsible disposal and promoting responsible consumption of electronics. The city also remains committed to exploring solutions for processing and reusing electronic components.

Environmental Impact

Burnsville is forging a path toward a more sustainable future focusing on responsible electronic waste (e-waste) management. Their commitment is evident, with e-waste initiatives ranking high among their environmental priorities. Drawing inspiration from innovative programs, Burnsville's e-waste program by Recycling Technologies:

Accessible Drop-Off Sites: Establishing convenient locations for residents to safely dispose of unwanted electronics.

Manufacturer Partnerships: Collaborating with electronics manufacturers to ensure responsible recycling practices for their products.

Educational Campaigns: Raising awareness about the environmental hazards of improper e-waste disposal and promoting responsible recycling habits.

Through supporting the reduction of e-waste, Burnsville has shown a good hard-line that is’d’ supportive of environmental welfare. These efforts ban the dumping of hazardous wastes, proper management of used electronics equipment, boosting the rate of recycling of beneficial resources as a way of living a sustainable life in the future.

Recycle Technologies: Leading the Charge

Recycle Technologies is one of the leading environmental companies in Burnsville and places like Lakeville to support environmental conservation. Being an organization involved in the recycling of electronics products to wear the new generation electronic products, it is committed to curtailing waste electronic products and encouraging recycling. The subsequent sections describe the certifications together with the accreditations of Recycle Technologies as well as additional recycling services.

Certifications and Accreditations

Recycle Technologies has undergone rigorous practice in safety measures that it takes to ensure that both the environment and data are protected. In this respect, as an R2 V3 certified organization, it guarantees that all respective wastes are recycled or disposed, with less negative impact on the environment. This certification can be considered as proof of Recycle Technologies’ useful practice of ensuring the responsible, safe, and legal recycling process. 

Recycle Technologies Offers Services in Burnsville:

  • Bulb Recycling
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Battery Recycling
  • Ballast Recycling
  • TV Recycling

Bulb Recycling

Recycle Technologies provides full service for Bulb recycling including fluorescent lamps, CFL, and LED bulbs recycling. This service is essential to avoid polluting the environment with mercury as well as other hazardous elements.

Electronic Recycling

There are many facets to the recycling of electronics, including computing devices such as computers and laptops, hand phones, and other electronic equipment. Recycle Technologies guarantees the erasure of the information stored on the devices, which are then recycled, thus they keep safety standards into account.

Battery Recycling

Recycle Technologies also specializes in ballast recycling, safely disposing of PCB and non-PCB ballasts. This service is essential for managing the waste from fluorescent light fixtures and preventing the release of hazardous substances.

Ballast Recycling

Recycle Technologies also have capacity and services in ballast disposal; disposal of both the PCB and the non-PCB ballasts. This service is quite important in dealing with the waste from Fluorescent light fixtures and then avoiding the emission of chemicals which are lethal to human beings.

TV Recycling

Last is television recycling services, where its CRT televisions and today’s flat screen television sets can be processed. Recycle Technologies make sure that these devices are disassembled in the correct and effective manner and other toxic matters, for example, lead and cadmium etc. , are recycled in the right manner as well.

In sum up, with Recycle Technologies offering virtually all types of recycling services supplemented by their courtesy towards the environment, the company can well be credited with the role of spreading the message of ‘going green” across Burnsville and its surrounding areas.

Benefits of Recycling for Burnsville

Recycling in Burnsville offers a multitude of benefits, from enhancing the community's sustainability efforts to providing economic advantages. Below, we delve into the key aspects that underscore the importance of recycling for the city and its residents.

Convenient Drop-off Centers

Minnesota boasts a network of convenient drop-off centers, making it easier for residents and businesses to participate in recycling programs. These centers are strategically located to serve both Burnsville and neighboring Lakeville and Dakota County areas. Their accessibility encourages more people to recycle regularly, significantly reducing waste sent to landfills.

Specialized Recycling Programs By Recycle Technologies

Recycle Technologies is pivotal in Burnsville's recycling ecosystem by offering specialized programs tailored to the community's needs. These programs encompass a wide range of services, including electronic recycling, battery recycling, and more. By addressing electronic waste and safeguarding the environment from potential harm, Recycle Technologies ensures that hazardous materials are properly handled and recycled.

Future of Recycling in Burnsville

Burnsville looks to triple its rate of e-waste recycling by 2030 to 75 percent and has laid out the objective of boosting its e-waste recycling vision. This target aligns with the city’s vision for a sustainable future and requires systemic changes in the e-waste management system in addition to altering public behavior.

To achieve this, Burnsville could implement a Zero E-Waste Plan. This plan would envision a future where all electronics are responsibly recycled or refurbished, eliminating e-waste from landfills and conserving valuable resources.


Through its partnership with Recycle Technologies and initiatives like convenient e-waste collection sites, Burnsville is well on its way to transforming how it handles electronic waste recycling. With a focus on specialized services, certification, and raising awareness, Burnsville and Recycle Technologies have established a sustainable recycling model for other communities to follow as they work towards a greener future.


What Technologies Are Utilized in the Recycling Process?

The recycling process has seen significant advancements through various innovative technologies, including:

  • Smart Bins: These bins have sensors to identify and sort waste based on its type.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is used to enhance sorting and recycling efficiency.
  • 3D Printing: This involves using recycled materials to create new products.
  • Pyrolysis: A technique that applies heat in an oxygen-free environment to break down plastics into basic components.
  • Biodegradable Plastics: These are designed to break down more easily and reduce environmental impact.
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